The reality is that mothering is a messy, interrupted and loving experience.

I am Dr Margo Lowy. I am a psychotherapist with a specific interest in maternal ambivalence and infertility. My book ‘The Maternal Experience: Encounters with Ambivalence and Love’ is available now.

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''The Maternal Experience''

My book

‘The Maternal Experience’ explores the powerful and dynamic nature of maternal ambivalence and disrupts the conventional narrative of the mother’s lived experience by arguing that encounters with conflicting feelings are both universal and have the capacity to stimulate and enrich her maternal love.

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All things motherhood

If someone asks you about your role as a mother, you may be quick to say it is the most rewarding experience of your life right? But is it? Do you always feel that way? Motherhood brings us to the depth of all our emotions.

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Mothers have many varying and contradictory feelings that are not talked about publicly. As well as experiencing love, most experience disturbing feelings. These difficult feelings actually strengthen and fuel a mother's love for their child. Let's explore the idea of maternal ambivalence together.