(BSW, MSW by research, PhD)

About Me

I have always been intrigued about the psychology and meaning behind human relationships. In 1978, I completed a Bachelor of Social Work, and two years after that I had my first child who was easily conceived. After experiencing seven years of secondary infertility, I had my second child in 1989. In August 1997, a few months before giving birth to my third child, I completed my research masters thesis “Coping with infertility: A social work perspective”.


In the early 2000s I started a part-time psychotherapy practice, which led to my PhD in 2017, “The Maternal Experience: Encounters of Ambivalence and Love”. In 2018 I accepted a book contract to turn my research into an academic book, with the same title, about maternal ambivalence, which launched in 2020.

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My mothering has not been a simple, straightforward path. My three children were born in different decades of my life, my 20s, 30s and 40s. I have taken a trip into the unknown and learnt the truth of the words “Man plans and G-d laughs”. Our dreams and expectations about our lives rarely match reality