Lecture at Tel Aviv University

It was a great privilege to give a lecture on the 12 May to a group of professionals from Social Work and other departments of Tel Aviv University. We had a lively discussion and lots of questions around maternal ambivalence and the importance of giving a voice to all maternal feelings, including the uncomfortable ones.  

Professor Einat Peled,  Head of the  School of Social work, convenor and organiser of the lecture, and I were debating whether these maternal  feelings are still silenced in our contemporary world and whether this has shifted through the impact of social media. Professor Peled in her thanks pointed to the lecture as an “opportunity to work through these important and interesting issues of mothering”.  

Thank you Tel Aviv University for giving me a chance to spread the word about maternal ambivalence.

Dr Margo Lowy

Maternal Ambivalence
New Book ‘The Maternal Experience: Encounters with Ambivalence and Love’ out now!

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